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A Bit About The Kit...

ABP Air Suspension Front & Rear Bag/Strut Kits provide a high-performance solution for upgrading or replacing all four corners of your vehicle's suspension. These kits feature advanced air suspension bags/air springs paired with top-notch German-engineered Bilstein shock absorbers.

Key Features:

  • Vehicle-specific application ensures optimal performance and fit.

  • A perfect combination of high-quality air suspension bags and shock absorbers.

  • Reliable German-engineered shock absorber technology.

  • Robust bladder construction for enhanced stability and control.

As air suspension technology advances, it provides a greater range of options for customization, flexibility, comfort, and performance. ABP Air Suspension products offer the ability to easily control and adjust both ride height and firmness dynamically through a robust rubber bladder, replacing conventional springs. This unique feature allows owners to achieve a custom stance for their vehicle, making it popular in the vehicle modification and show scene.

Unlike traditional suspension systems with limited options for fixed ride heights or complex adjustment systems, ABP Air Suspension products provide easy control and adjustment of ride height and stiffness through air springs or bags. These air springs, when inflated or deflated, modify the suspension's lowering amount and stiffness, offering versatility for different driving styles and conditions.

Key Kit Options:

  • Standard Kit: Fully customizable height and comfort adjustments.

  • Shorty Kit: Shorter damper construction for maximum lowering adjustment without compromising rebound damping and ride comfort.

  • Lift Kit: Longer damper construction for maximum height adjustment without sacrificing rebound damping and ride comfort.

Bilstein shock absorbers included in these kits are designed to the highest standards, featuring mono-shock design and anti-corrosion coatings. Developed with a heritage in motorsport and rigorous testing, Bilstein shock absorbers ensure outstanding performance and long service life.

Plush Automotive, a prominent name in the aftermarket modding scene since 2006, proudly introduces the ABP (Air By Plush) air suspension product range. This addition reflects our commitment to offering the best and latest innovative products in the air suspension market.

Note: ABP Standard, Shorty, and Lift kits are listed separately to cater to different vehicle and application preferences.



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